Friday, June 08, 2012


I was thinking about Robin, son-in-law's cousin, as I headed to Willard school to vote. Robin was quoted in local newspapers about incident where two girls had a fight in alley. Witnesses said fight was over quickly. One girl did not feel well, paper said, parents took her to emergency room, died soon afterwards. Robin's opinion was like mine, the girl who knee butted the deceased should have at least been suspended.

What does it teach students that the worse that could happen if a classmate dies after their fight is to get transferred to another school. I would hate to see a 12-year-old prosecuted, yet, I think a more severe punishment was in order. I was thinking I should go visit Robin; did not realize she had a grandson goes to Willard.

Son-of-a-gun, lady chatting with someone at alley just ahead of me was Robin. She asked if I wanted to walk with her to get a soda. I did not, but then went ahead and walked with her back to shopping center to smoke shop where she also got incense. A man at counter turned and asked, "Mary do you have a penny." I had been listening to Robin's conversation with someone, and was disoriented. Who is this man calling me by name?

Robin was quick to reach for a penny, I started to unzip the change section of my fanny pack, saying, "I've got it." The owner, I assume he is the owner, told the guy it was okay. They have one of those plates people put pennies in for exactly that reason. I realized who the guy was. A man who lives in building on my corner, who knows me from Food Bank. I guess Phil and/or Doug mentioned me by name enough times for him to remember it. First time I spoke to him, quite sure I asked his name.

Clueless as to what it is.

Then I walked back to Robin's house. Her mother's actually, she lives in the front house. Made small talk with Robin's mother, whose name escapes me. Robin flitted in and out of the house. I finally rose to leave ~ to go across the street to vote. I enjoyed talking to Robin. Learned a bit more about the incident at Willard school.

After voting, continued walking to post office to mail my daughter's birthday card. Determined to get cards out on time, after missing both granddaughter's birthdays. Being a grandma when poor is no fun at all.

Had decided to go to Mark Twain branch library for a change of pace, then sit in nearby park to read. At post office, considered skipping the library ~ it seemed so far away and my legs were aching. I chided myself for being a wimp. I decide to get a 99cent burger to eat at park. Munched as I walked, hoping for more strength.

I learned about the 99 cent burgers from Bonnie. Wrote about her a while back. Wondered if she died or just left area to be homeless downtown or in another town.

The half block to park from library seemed so far away. Where did I walk on Monday so that my legs would be so aching today? Think I will have to take bus home. Did not read at park. Concrete picnic table/benches towards back of park. Looked too far to walk, so sat in sun on bench overlooking grassy area and children's playground. Thinking, as I finished the burger of how many days I sat on same bench, watching children play, when I was homeless.

Only briefly thought about when I walked to park from my apartment on 7th Street to shoot hoops. Miss those days when walking was not a problem; when I faithfully worked on duel goals of building upper body strength, learning to make foul shots while practicing obtaining goals.

Election day I watched twins in the park.

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