Friday, June 22, 2012

Phil and Darryl

As soon as I arrived, Phil says, "As I was telling Darryl...". His nephew just got married and another just got engaged. He proceeds to bore me with family stuff. A list of birthdays. I have heard this all before; many times. Why would he think anyone cares to know the birth dates of his siblings, their spouses, nieces and nephews, dates of their weddings, parents dates of birth and deaths, is beyond me.

I kept trying to move the conversation onto other topics, such as asking Darryl about his family. Phil would, as he normally does, grab the conversation back to himself and his family birth dates. Knowing Darryl has a fantastic memory for trivia, I asked, "So who's birthday is it today."

I do not know that he knew any, he started reciting stars he knew. Leslie Caron, who starred in Gigi with blah, blah, blah. Bingo. Darryl talked about Louis Jourdan, whose name did not ring a bell. He went on to talking about Judy Garland, some newscaster of whom is fond, then does an imitation from Wizard of Oz, perhaps Tin Man. Without missing a beat he starts doing imitations of 3 Stooges and goes on to a long spiel about the trio or is that quartet or quintet?

I was impressed with Darryl's ability to imitate. Quite good at it despite my not being able to understand much of what he was saying. Phil, of course, kept bringing the conversation back to his concerns. Truck finally arrived sometime past 11AM.

Have mentioned about authors mentioning coincidences. Just about every night after I turned off the computer, I would remember that I forgot to search: Gigi. Found my answer simply by trying to get Darryl to talk about his favorite subject so I did not have to listen to Phil talk about his.

Walked past that park on the way home the other day hoping to see Warren and Gigi and tell them I was correct about a movie by that name. Does not sound like the kind of film I would have watched as a child. Perhaps I was simply aware of it at that time.

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