Sunday, June 17, 2012

Occams Razor

"Of all the things I have lost, I think I miss my mind the most." ~ unknown

Or it could be my teeth. My muscles. Taunt skin. Rollerblades. High school yearbooks. All the photographs I decided to discard. What I called "the story of my life" books. My personal library. I miss a lot of things, even having a car, zooming all around So Cal. Today's miss the most is my books.

I was in the bathroom, the words Occams Razor popped to mind That did not seem too odd, in a round-about way. I did a futile search for a Murphy's Law book at Goodreads. Might consider Occams razor like Murphy's Law, eh. Later or the next day, when I continued reading a grown-up kind of pretty, Occams razor shows up.

Utoh. I used to believe I picked up stuff from books by osmosis. I still want to believe that one can be smarter when living with a houseful of books. that information they contain somehow leaps from the closed books pages right into minds. Yet I am leery of anything remotely psychic, due to problems that arose due to believing I was getting messages from the Great Beyond via voices in my head ~

~ and other unremembered stuff; signs. I rather miss that just knowing before even cracking the cover of a book. To simply know things with no real knowledge,  like what was wrong with a car. I just knew.

Anyway, I did a Goodreads search for Occams Razor, and found the book listed. I checked out of some library, in some town where I once lived. Found it a tedious, hard read, and probably did not read it in entirety. Decided to do another Murphy's Law search ~ viola, lots of results, including the one I used to own.

I am not sure, I owned both Murphy's Law books by Arthur Block. I definitely remember the one with a gray cover, although I remember the cover being black. Yet I am sure I read the other one: Murphy's Law and Other Reasons Why Things Go Wrong.  Wrong being printed backwards and upside down. I vaguely recall liking one of the two better than the other.

I do not remember ever doing a book count, not even a cookbook count. I owned a lot of them. I still had a small library of my favorite books when I moved to California. All gone now, except for a dozen or so, I gave to my daughter and son. I remember thinking how sad that they both collected almost every book Stephen King wrote ~ sad that I donated all of mine to libraries.

As used in a grown-up kind of pretty, Occams Razor means the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

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