Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Change back

Remembered this morning, as I was writing this post in my head, one of my stander lines: "Oh, change back, just like McDonalds." Of course my quip meant to elicit a smile, likely went over people's heads. How many people remember those old "change back" ads? Been a mighty long time since the phrase became obsolete at Micky D's.

First thought when I woke today, June 7, 2012, was: Omigod, I did not get my cash back from Albertsons.

After throwing the covers on my beach chair, getting coffee, using bathroom, I located my fanny pack, which I had placed on the chair, which is an unusual place for me to leave it. Earthquake paranoia, I need it close to where I sleep. Not sure why I changed up the previous night.

Total recall, scene plays back in my mind. Cashier hands me receipt, along with coupon, asks if I am playing the game, hands me a game piece. I pick up a game board, say, "I think I already picked one of these up." I stop at end of row, to fold the receipt and coupon, tucking them inside the game board. Took small tote off shoulder to place on the shelf baggers use to bag, because I was having trouble putting the large bag of chips inside it.

Maybe I dropped it? No, I distinctly remember I took the stuff with my left hand, because chip bag was in the right. The cashier did not hand me anything green. I was nervous going back to the store to get my cash back ~ the receipt lists it as Change. I had my reply ready if the manager said the register did not come up over when cashier cashed out his drawer: "Oh, I guess I must have dropped it; some lucky person must have picked it up."

That would be dumb; if it did not show up, the cashier pocketed it, and why would I care if he got in trouble for stealing? As certain as I was that he never gave it to me, I could be wrong, but it was more my single tooth talking mouth that caused me to know I would chalk it up to my loss. Why would a manager believe me over an employee?

Need not have been concerned. After waiting a long time in line behind customers, I gave manager my receipt, he punched some numbers in the register, marked the receipt, opened drawer and handed me my change back.

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