Saturday, June 23, 2012


Fearing to walk, a few days or week ago, yet not wanting to waste a decent day indoors, I headed for the near park to sit on a bench and read. I was a bit nervous about a pit bull held tight by leash in owner's hand, even though they were sitting under the gazebo. Another dog kept flying out of the shelter, chasing a ball or something sent sailing by its owner. I caught bits and pieces of the conversation the group of men were having.

"You should, you are homeless...", and blah, blah, blah. I would glance up from the book I was reading, look over at the men trying to determine which was the homeless cat; if I may know him. The pit bull owner was giving me a hard stare. Not a mean stare, the who is she kind of stare.

There were some other smaller dogs, either loose, running, or walking with owner held fast with leash attached to collar. A couple, each with dogs on leashes approached the bench opposite me. Arms over heads to untwist the entwined leashes. The man sits and tells me not to worry "He won't bite." I said, "That is good to know, but he is probably after my sandwich." Or something like that.

He kept talking, as did his wife, so I gave up on reading. I assume they were married. Moved here from where ever, blah, blah, blah. I enjoyed the conversation, mainly about dogs and cats, pets. As they got ready to leave they introduced themselves: Warren and Gigi. I misunderstood her name at first GeeGee, then said, "Oh, like the movie."

They were not aware of a movie, Gigi, so I said, someone like Sally Fields was Gigi. Or maybe that was Gidget and I was confused.

Fast forward to Thursday when I went to help Phil unload the truck for Saturday's Food Bank. He said come at 10:30, so I did, remembering last time they were short handed and I went to help, but truck was already unloaded. Stood around waiting upon a second truck delivery.

That day, no truck had arrived at all. Wishing I had arrived later because I can think of other things I would not like to do other than talk to Phil and Darryl which are more unpleasant, yet mind kept wandering back home and what I could be doing rather than listening to them drone on and on.

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