Tuesday, June 05, 2012


"Albertsons, its your store," sings in my head. Can not recall the last time I heard that ad jingle. I liked the store when it was still Lucky's. Prices were cheaper. When Albertsons first bought the chain, the prices were still reasonable. Now that Ralphs (or whatever name the parent company is called) took over, their prices are basically the same as Ralphs, except some things are higher, like milk and bread.

I missed my stop and had to walk back across 7th Street to get to Albertsons. Mad at self for not pulling thingy to signal "next stop". Paranoid crossing 7th Street especially at Redondo Avenue ~ too many accidents at that corner, and Long Beach drives have gotten bad; forget that pedestrians have right of way. I considered skipping the store; poor old legs not gonna carry me there, then back home.

But the call of potato chips was more than I could resist. Used to tell ladies complaining about weight gain, that if I had married a rich man, I would have the same problem ~ "I could eat a bag of potato chips in a single serving." I do not know if that was true. Potato chips was a luxury item when married. Having three kids, would not be able to eat an entire bag by myself.

Do not know why I am on this potato chip kick. Used to be, I never bought them ~ stuck to pretzels (hard to chew now) and ate microwave popcorn several times a week. Now I seldom buy popcorn. I checked the prices at Albertsons; long for the days when a box could be gotten for a buck. Strangely when I left the store my legs did not ache as much as they had. Still, I got weary as I neared home.

Saw a small beige wallet on the sidewalk. Driver's license on one side, and why do I think Playboy Bunny membership card on the other? Maybe it was a Vegas casino card or one of those gentleman club's cards. Thick under both sides, wondered if there was money in the space under the plastic sleeves. Did not look; squinted at address. Coronado Avenue. Great, could drop it off with owner.

The kid, okay, young man, was standing on porch, talking on telephone. As I approached, he went inside, but left outside door propped open with a sneaker. I stopped to peer at address again, to be sure I had it right. Then I walked up to porch, about to call out the guy's name, when he opened the door. I asked "Is this yours?" I had pre-planned knocking on a door asking if Terrell was home. People do change addresses.

He had been watching me walk up the street; perhaps he noticed his billfold or whatever it is called in my hand. He thanked me several times; asked where I found it (sidewalk), "at the corner", no, a little bit further up the block. He had a lovely voice. Good looking kid.

As I walked, thought, need muscles to walk, need to walk to build muscles. Surely I have been doing enough walking, so that my legs would not ache so much every day. I want to cry. Decide I need to start doing some bicycle exercises. Maybe if I just start taking short walks every day, around the corner to Ralphs and back? Or to Albertsons and back?

Nice day today. Stayed inside except a walk to Albertsons to get my change back.

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