Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tub tale continued

I am unsure if it was Saturday night or Sunday night when I had one of my fits. I think that was Sunday. I took broom handle pounding it all around kitchen floor. After a while, hearing John had not got the hint and lowered his volume, I took the broom pounding into the bathroom. Do not know how many times I did this. I finally gave up, moved radio into kitchen, stuck it in cabinet, not too loud, turned on floor fan Doug gave me a while back, put in ear plugs, pillow over head.

I hated to leave the fan running all night, but its hum drowns out the sound of John's television. It was not loud enough to warrant a wake up call to Mr. Manger, nor to cops. A little louder than the hum of a refrigerator motor. Many a night I tried to trick my brain into believing it was not the drone of John's TV, but just my own 'frig disturbing me.

Saying making the rounds at Facebook: if you think you are too small to make a difference, consider a mosquito in the bedroom when you are trying to sleep. That is what it is like for me ~ as annoying as a mosquito buzzing 'round my head.

One of those two nights, I got up as usual to empty my bladder. The shower curtain was slightly pulled away from faucet end of tub. As I stood I noticed my tub was filling with water. John running his bath, full blast, loud. I realized it was John's tub backing up into mine, as it did for the first three months after he moved in next door. The only difference was this water was crystal clear. I started pounding on John's wall, yelling at him to turn it off ~ my tub was rapidly filling with water and would soon be overflowing.

I may have grabbed my cell phone to call manager, in addition to heading out my front door to go pound on John's door to tell him what was happening and to turn off his faucets. As soon as I opened my screen door. John was learning against the door frame and I was trying to pull the screen door shut to prevent him from entering my apartment, while I was screaming at him to turn it off.

That is when I woke up. The sound of John running his bath was as loud as it had been in the dream. Only, I soon realized it was not John taking a bath at all, it was that floor fan, which was actually much quieter than my imagined bathtub faucets going full blast.

That dream would not be unusual, because when ever John is blaring his radio, stereo, television keeping me awake or even playing it just mosquito loud, my mind starts writing Mr. Manager a letter explaining all the ways John disturbs me. I wish I had complained when he ran the water full blast for three hours straight starting at 11:30PM. Was not the first time he did that, nor the last.

I discovered the reason it was so got awful loud was because he was not only running the tub water but kitchen sink at same time. I am guessing he was running hot water down the drains to clear some blockage. I used to hear him doing a lot of plunging over there. The reason I want to mention that in letter to Mr. Manager is to show how John wastes water.

As with Chris' constant and loud coughing, it is a hard thing to complain to manager about: running water. No law about taking showers (or in John's case, baths) whenever one wants to. Going to work at 2:30AM, nothing I can do about it, if he decides to bath after Tweety takes her 11:30PM shower. I will not fall to sleep if a neighbor is taking a normal shower; the long, loud running water is a lot worse.

As I type, my heart skipped a beat. John just did something, loud bang. Maybe he hit his floor with the broom handle. I am used to his various noises. It is the hour when he goes at it ~ not that he does not make those strange thumping, pounding, slamming, hammering noises at other times of the day. It just bothers me more when he starts it after 8PM, 9PM, 10PM, midnight.

Even with the fan running, radio playing softly that night, I heard him slamming something. Weary.

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