Thursday, May 10, 2012

Overflowing bathtub

Friday night there was some hooting and hollering coming from John's apartment. Strange because, although, they were hooting and hollering, I could barely hear it, much like times when John and Tweety were having arguments, yelling at each other. It was a bit louder when I went into my kitchen. Proves, to me, that the walls are not as thin as I imagine them to be due to hardly ever being free from John's television, radio and/or stereo.

Neighbor Doug told me that John has two televisions. His small one and a large flat screen TV that Tweety gave him. And that he plays them both at the same time. I told Doug, because he asked, about John and Tweety's Easter Eve party. Doug said, "John's party is two beers than asleep." Perhaps the voices I heard in addition to the loud music was actually coming from a TV show, playing while radio or stereo was blaring.


Finally called the police about John's too loud music on Saturday night. It was about 9:45PM a few nights earlier when I called the manager to ask him to tell John to lower it. How can this man continue to do this? Even though Mr. Manager said to go ahead and wake him, he acts put upon when I complain, causing me a lot of anxiety when John's sounds are at an unacceptable level.

I got up, opened the doors, peered outside to determine where the got awful music was coming from. I saw John at his front door, causing me to beat a hasty retreat inside my apartment. Could not close screen door quietly. Why not yell over to John: Turn it down? Did not want to risk confrontation like those I had with Chris.

What does this have to do with the bathtub overflowing. I am getting to that.

John was leaning quite close to his door, sort of bent at the waist. I wondered if he was locking his screen door, heading out leaving the stereo blaring. He turned it on at 10PM, causing me to see red. I waited to see if he would lower it before I opened the door and spotted him. It did not make sense that John had just arrived home, because he had already pumped up the volume. Clueless as to what he may have been doing out there.

I finally called the police. I did not say the loud music was coming from this building; just that I was not sure where ~ a few neighbors do it, different apartments across the street and yes, I do have a problem neighbor who has been talked to by the manager. I was hoping cops would hear it and rap on John's window or yell at gate: Police open up.

I do not know if the police ever arrived. Saw a helicopter from rear door, heading towards Ocean Blvd. in vicinity of Belmont Shore. Do not remember if that was the same night a copter started circling around our building.

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