Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Now, I ask you, is not this much easier to view Blogger posts than the New over large, unsightly interface?

I could easily scroll the list of posts, go to page two, three, and so on, until I find the first post on this blog. Not actually the first post, since I removed hundreds of blog posts several times. As I scrolled I could glance at titles, nicely separated, easy to click Edit or Delete or view or whatever.

If I am looking for something specific, I could click on tags listed on the left side of blog posts. Quick, easy, efficient. Why leave it that way, when Google masters can turn it into an unsightly, hard to navigate mess?

I kept Google search as my home page. I often want to click News, to read headlines, but did not care to make Google News my home page. Now Google decided to change that. Rather than the search box there are three options ~ one to sign in with Google Chrome, one for Gmail and I forget the third.

Thus, when I log on to the Internet, I need to use a bookmark to move to Google search page, to click News to preview the day's headlines. I do not much care for Yahoo's main page, nor Bing's. I guess I will find AOL and make that my home page.

I did get an AOL e-mail recently. Clueless as to where I recorded my info ~ do not even know my user name, sigh. Reason I got the AOL e-mail was due to the uproar over something Google was doing that would remove privacy. When I checked out the changes, did not see that my privacy would be compromised, so did not abandon my Gmail e-mail in favor of AOL.

It is all free so no sense whining about it, eh. Yet it is tiresome when sites keep changing things ~ especially Facebook, Zazzle, Freewebs ~ take what is easy to use, make it complicated. No KIS method for them, thank you.

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