Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Odds

The Odds is a mystery written by Katheen George. I had this book on a list I keep when reading notices of new books at the library. Yet it was published in 2009. Could be library recently acquired the book, yet I am almost positive I already read it. Too bad I moved my Books Read list to disc that the computer will no longer open via F-drive; can not check back to find out if and when I read it.

Several  homeless mentions. A young drug dealer is living in a charred house. When he moved from one abandoned, boarded up home to another, he gathered his few things in a shopping cart to move them. "He made himself move slowly, as the homeless always did." So true, sore feet, the homeless shuffle, I called it.

Salvation Army shelters are mentioned in different towns, and also Catholic Social Services that provides homeless or others in need with emergency money. A man is up early, does not think public transportation is open yet, so decides to go to a park to nap on a bench: "Plenty of homeless people sleep in the park."

Asked where people go "in this town when they're homeless", a bartender says "Catholic Charities? Salvation Army? The park?"


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