Sunday, May 06, 2012


Oops, missed one from Prior Bad Acts. A transient shaved his entire body so he would not get lice. Sleeping rough as they call it in Europe, hard to avoid nasty sores from spider or other bug bites. Lice were a problem sleeping in Shelters. Well, not a problem, but could have been due to a woman at the shelter having them. Those pesky critters multiply fast. Sleeping mat to mat on a floor, made it so easy for them to spread quickly from person to person.

I think blankets at other shelters were washed daily. Doubt that lice would live on the cots. No carpets or other hair-like places for them to hide waiting upon a live head of hair to infest. Or worse ~ settling for pubic hair. Good idea, then for a homeless person to shave their entire body.

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