Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Hideout

The Hideout is Kathleen George's fifth Richard Christie/Colleen Greer mystery novel. I still have not read the first two, Taken and Fallen.

Two characters in The Hideout live out of a truck. "It was their bedroom, dining room, even their bathroom in a pinch --they kept a jar in back."

Surprising that guys would use a jar. A bucket or something wide maybe. Most homeless men and to a lesser extent, women, shamelessly urinated where ever, not seeming to mind others seeing them do so. A homeless person told me how to recognize human feces from dog poop. More info than I wanted to know. I remember that, tho' not the guy who explained it to me, every time I see a pile on sidewalk or grass.

There is also a homeless man who witnessed an accident. Someone saw a man walking "holding a full plastic bag and wearing a backpack." Does not imply the guy was homeless ~ could have been taking his trash out.

I did not like The Hideout as much as I did the other George novels. It was just okay.

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