Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dog crossing sign

I have seen duck crossing signs and lots of deer crossing signs, but this is the first Dog Crossing sign I have seen. It is along the bike path at the Dog Beach. I really wanted to take a photo of the sidewalk stencil Dog Crossing sign, which I noticed first, but could not see it in cell phone screen. I could barely see the pole sign either, due to glare from sunshine.

I may have seen both signs previously. Have walked past the Dog Beach many times. Pre-homeless and even homeless, I walked right along the water's edge, enjoying watching the various dogs frolicking in surf and on sand.  Now, I leave beach to use restroom, do not return to coastline until I am well past of the dog beach.

I chide myself for that one. Dogs running loose are not likely to be aggressive, right. The owners are right there to keep them under control, right. Why my fear of being attacked. Irrational. Since I do avoid walking along the ocean, going long way round the Dog Beach, I do not think I could have missed the sidewalk, nor pole signs. Likely did notice, then forgot about them seconds after I passed by. Which reminds me...

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