Sunday, May 27, 2012

69 - 82 - 80

One o'clock in the afternoon and it is 69 degrees here in Long Beach, California.

Four o'clock in Allentown, Pennsylvania where my daughters, husbands, granddaughters live. 82 degrees.

When I checked online temperatures earlier, there was a larger difference between Allentown and New Brunswick, New Jersey where it is now 80 degrees. I always think about how my mother hated the heat when temperatures sore back home. Now that she is older, bed ridden she may not need air conditioners blowing 24/7 anymore.

Since I moved here because my body could no longer tolerate the long, cold winters back east, it irritates me that it is usually is cooler here than there. At times both east coast states and California have almost identical temperatures.

So much for moving to a warmer climate.

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