Monday, April 30, 2012

A Novel Way to Die

No homeless mentions in A Novel Way to Die by Karen Hanson Stuyck.

The mystery novel is a first person narrative told by Molly. At one point in the story Molly wonders "Why hadn't I thought of keeping my office door open?" That confused me, because she did leave the door open. The woman who followed her inside the office closed it. Would Molly have gotten up from her chair behind her desk, to go open it, if she had thought of keeping her office door open? Doubtful.

Just me nitpicking, eh. I did not care for the ending of the novel. Did you ever watch a movie, specifically an action flick, where a woman is involved in a big chase or fight scene, yet, once complete, not a hair on her head is out of place, makeup and clothes still perfect? No rule that movies and fiction novels need to be realistic, yet that is what bothered me at story's end.

It was not explained how the killer came into possession of a lethal drug, nor how the killer managed to create a bomb, hide it under a house in a torrential downpour, set to go off at a certain time. I think the killer would have gotten a bit muddy and messy. Plus how could killer be assured to be gone before bomb exploded? Little things.

Plus, it seems killer would have been careful to cover tracks, to get away with the potential murders when bomb went off. No realism there at all. Other than that, A Novel Way to Die was okay; light reading, rather than chilling murder mystery.

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