Friday, April 20, 2012

Killing Willis

Killing Willis by Todd Bridges with Sarah Tomlinson does not mention homelessness. There is a lot of mentions of about South Central L.A. and crack houses. Bridges was once very involved with that seedy side of life.

I do not remember the show he starred in as a child star, Diff'rent Strokes, although I am sure I watched sometimes, maybe every week. I no longer know what reference I saw to the star and the book that prompted me to check it out of the library.

Bridges mention Rev. James Cleveland. To jog my memory of the Reverend, I did a search for a You Tube video to watch. That lead me to watch a series of renditions of Amazing Grace ~ some of my favorite voices ~ 'Retha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Ray Charles, Al Green, Joe Simon who I did not know is now Bishop Joe Simon.

I sometimes mention those random words that pop in my head ~ past few days it has been: Sammy Davis, Jr.

Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is ~ no, hearing Sammy's name in my head, did not call to mind the commercial, but did bring to mind the free album I got for Alka Seltzer box tops. Desperate pre-homeless days, I tried to sell it. Surely it would fetch a good price. Did not get sold; think my oldest daughter still has it with a dozen or so of what is left of my once prized record collection ~ music collection, I guess it was called with introduction of 8-track tapes, cassettes, then CDs to go along with the 45rpms and 33-1/3 LP albums.

I talk too much, huh, but I am getting to my point.

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