Monday, April 02, 2012


"Ka, Ka, Ka, Katie," came to mind first thing this morning, followed by, "pass the taters and wait."

The only thing mysterious about that is why the two songs suddenly made an appearance. I woke with dry mouth from mild nightmare. I saw someone's eyes peeking through window. I keep my blinds pulled up, then cover the windows with corrugated cardboard cut from boxes. I loathe washing blinds; keeps cold air from blowing inside, despite closed windows. So in the dream I could see the eyes, sort of red, glowing light or eyeglasses, peering inside between the cardboard and blinds.

That would be impossible in real life, my cardboard wind blockers go almost to the top of the window. I imagine the dream could have come about due to Tweety and her men friends walking past the high windows the other day; seeing a mostly bald head that reminded me of Chris' friend Bill. Maybe it was his new friend, Tony.

The dream is lost to memory ~ except the fear ~ maybe I was trying to get to kitchen to lock door, or trying to shoot the intruder before he shot me. Hearing those song lyrics upon awakening, I wondered if my peeping Tom was ex-husband, inspiring the fear I felt in the dream. Why else would those tunes how up after all these years.

Next thoughts was expecting to hear from a daughter telling me the father-in-law had died. Keep expecting that call. That is their grandfather, my exes father. Oh, joy, maybe dear old dad was dead. Terrible thought, eh. Leading me to pondering how that would be ~ when father of my son and daughters kicks the bucket.

Will I need to go home for funeral to comfort them? Um...

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