Thursday, April 26, 2012

Homelessness in Sweden

After finishing Unwanted, I did a web search for homelessness in Sweden. I do have a few Facebook friends who live in Sweden; one an expat from the United States, that I met at Associated Content when we were both active there.

Google has a habit of adding forum comments on any subject to search results. That is annoying; scrolling through lots of junk filled forum topic replies trying to find mention of my search query. That said, because I did not spend much time looking at results to my Homeless in Sweden query. Also several PDF results and this computer does not read them ~ another unsolved riddle of what was supposed to come with laptop and never found.

I found an interesting blog post that linked to an article on the subject of Homelessness in Sweden. Ironic that it was posted the very morning I did the search (4/23/2012). The blog author mentions two cities (in addition to Stockholm) that were part of the story in novel, Unwanted. Silly stuff; coincidences.

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