Friday, April 06, 2012

Bullet Hole?

When I first saw this hole in Laundromat's window, I thought it looked like a bullet hole. Doubt I ever saw a bullet hole in a glass window, but do not know what else would create a hole like that. The hole is more oval, like an egg, than a circle, unlike the recessed, shattered glass around it, which is almost a perfect circle.

At the laundromat today, I again pondered that hole. I stepped back and guessing, if a person shot a gun from inside the establishment, s/he would only be a bit under 5' from the window. Hardly probable, right? Also guess if that happened, the person would have to have been tall, or the hole would likely be on an angle. It makes no sense that the window was shot at from the outside, due to the recess being inside the building.

I turned to look at row of washers, counter and wood beam which is in direct path of bullet if someone had shot at window from outside. No splintered wood, so that if someone had done so, the bullet would have dropped before travelling that additional 4 to 5' to the painted blue beam. Strange.

Also seems odd that the owners did not tape over the hole. I can understand their not wanting to replace that huge window, on account of expense, but think roaches could use the hole to enter the premises. I have not seen any roaches since the place was remodeled, but neighbor Mike said a lady reported them to health department saying they had them. Think I mentioned that previously ~ Mike insisting cockroaches do not come into building by cracks under doors ~ people bring them in with their laundry.

I saw two roaches in my bathroom and began wondering if I had brought them home with my laundry ~ but find that unlikely, my backpack only sat on the bench for a short time and I do believe I would have seen them when taking clothes out to hang. I am quite sure the roaches I have been seeing are coming via walls from John's apartment.

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