Sunday, April 08, 2012


John and Tweety kept me up until 3:30AM last night. I thought they were done for the night ~ hours, and hours of noise, loud talking, slamming, pounding, running water, so laid down to go to sleep a bit past midnight. Almost drifting off when the TV or radio started. Got up, put in earplug, did not block it, nor Tweety's big mouth, nor the slamming, dragging stuff across floor and so on.

I finally got up, went outside, walked along wall, to ensure that John's sound could be heard outside. Maybe they had company, loud talking definitely heard outside, along with the music or TV. Turned on cell phone, then worked myself into a tizzy trying to call manager. What if they lower the volume before he comes downstairs? What if they shut up?

I guess my state would be called anxiety. I went back outside to check a second time. Finally called. Hung up after 4 rings. Mr. Manager told me last time I complained, that I had to call when it happens, yes, wake him up if he is sleeping or call cops. Too much stress for me.

Thus, I woke late, groggy, headachy, nausecous feeling, nap, jump when John does his barbell dropping on floor type kitchen noise; irritated listening to him do whatever he was doing for several hours. Constructing something? What? Kitchen is all of 5' x 5', with a little more space by back door and recessed area where stove is. Why does he not do what he does in his Great Room? Mess on carpet, I suppose.

I was going to sleep early tonight. 10PM, there is John in his kitchen, slam, pound, bang, again. Sigh.

Woke from a dream, exhausted, could hardly rouse myself to go empty my bladder. The end part of dream, I was in doctor's office (or scientist lab, large room), urinating in a large Ziploc bag. Now that is a urine sample! Doc said something about it, needing more ~ or that was full enough ~ about 1/4 full ~ but I felt like I had to go more. Very vague recall, except that I suddenly realized, I had to get up and go to the bathroom in real life.

I wonder how long before urine dreams do not wake me in time to use the toilet and I revert to childhood ~ wet the bed. It was odd too, I urinated a lot during that whole stress filled time 12:30 to 3:30AM ~ I wonder if stress causes the body to create more of it.

Saw this morning what John had been doing when he opened his back door last night. Put two bicycles next to his cart and another large bag of trash atop the other bag of whatever it is.

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