Friday, March 09, 2012

Wants noise kept down

Heard knocking on a door; more knocking; more knocking and manager saying "It's David."

I guess announcing himself is what got the door answered. He said, "I want the noise kept down."

Odd because I did not hear any noise, other than Tweety talking in John's kitchen ~ when I was in the kitchen and/or opened my back door to get some air. Did not make out what Tweety said; David repeated himself, "I want the noise kept down, and you too Darryl, I want the noise kept down."

Tweety objected, I assume, could not make out her words, drunk already this morning, perhaps. David repeats himself again. More outrage from Tweety. To which David again said, "I want the noise kept down." I think he repeated the warning to Darryl a second time also. Not quite sure how many times David told Tweety to keep the noise down.

Tweety arrived yesterday around 10:15AM. I wanted to get my shower done before John arrived home at 11AM, which is why I looked at the clock when the racket started. This is not normal noise of neighbor opening, closing drawers and cabinets or even slamming them shut. Louder than that. Almost construction type noises; involves wood, of that I am sure. No hammering, just wood sounds, on floor, and up kitchen wall. It actually started in John's hallway or bathroom, moving on to the kitchen.

Heard her talking when I went into my kitchen. Maybe John had not arrived home from work yet. I know he gave her apartment and gate key. Maybe he is paying the extra $100. rent and she now lives here. David is obviously aware that she is there and spent the night. John should still be at work. Not sure if David is aware that John gets home around 11AM.

Of course, I got in a bad mood as soon as I heard her voice yesterday, anticipating another noisy weekend. If she moved in permanently, I am going to be in foul, foul mood. I think Chris is staying with Tweety's brother. After days of listening to his coughing and ice cream truck loud cell phone ting-a-linging, strangely quiet from his direction.

I am guessing Darryl complained to David about Tweety's noise or David happened to hear it when downstairs. A third possibility is someone walking by building complained to David; Doug or Mike? Have not heard Doug or Mike or Phil this morning. I have to smile, tho', thinking about the hundreds of days and nights, I have suffered due to John, Chris and now Tweety's noise. A quiet morning and David wants the noise kept down.

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