Sunday, March 04, 2012

Voices in your head

"Tinnitus is the awareness of a sound that is not coming from the external environment. It may be a buzzing, humming, whistling, shushing or even the sound of an engine or machine. People who hear words or music are usually suffering from a central nervous system ailment. The sound may be perceived to originate in one or both ears or even somewhere inside the head."

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It does say usually. I guess psychiatrists can tell the difference between a physical reason for voices in your head and a physical cause for them.

I will call that annoying clicking noise buzzing. When I first heard it I did think it was coming from gnats or fruit flies that constantly circled the ceiling light fixture. It usually happened in the evening when the annoying insects were at rest. I would turn my head looking for the source, not seeing any flies nearby. That noise comes from outside my head, perhaps 1/2 foot from my ear, slightly above and behind it. The right ear. The one with ear wax buildup that no amount of ear drops will fix.

Doctor told me I had ear wax build up, get ear drops. Wondered why he did not clean it out or prescribe them. Can not remember when that was ~ maybe a physical for a job or applying for disability or general physical when I had a job and health insurance.

I am hearing the other noise as I type. Too tired to write more now. 3/3/2012, 10:11PM

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