Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Murder Season

Long Beach got a few mentions in Robert Ellis' suspense novel Murder Season. Actually the book is listed as a mystery, but there was plenty of suspense as Detective Lena Gamble works on gathering evidence to arrest a man suspected of a double murder. One thing that bothered me about the novel, the man's wife was never involved in the story. She had left town, still, it seems, she was her husband's alibi as to his actions on the night of the murder.

It seems illogical that she was not interviewed, even though she had left town. I started suspecting that she was the killer and her husband was covering up for her. Just odd.

Set mostly in Los Angeles, California there was a notable absence of homeless mentions. One mention was the time of day when shops closed down and the busy sidewalks were taken over by people pushing shopping carts.  

There was also a street nicknamed "the Avenue of Ghosts" because of the men who lined the street flagging cars ~ looking for buyers of crank ~ crystal meth users who were so thin they looked like stick figures, skin bleached to a pale gray ~ or ghosts. They may have been homeless or not.

I was not clear about the reason for another incident in Murder Season, but do not want to give away the plot twist for any who read this and read it. Other than that it was a good read.

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