Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Long Gone

I was surprised that there was not a homeless mention in Long Gone by Alafair Burke, until page 265, because the novel's main locale is New York City. Long Gone is the type of mystery book I enjoy. The author wove a story about a teen girl from Dover, New Jersey into the main story about an art gallery manager suspected of killing her boss. There is also another mystery ~ guessing who the man is that has been warned about stalking a man who caused his sister's death.

As with the Dover teen story, that story also becomes part of the main plot. Some suspense novels have blurbs that say the story will keep reader guessing until the last page. Long Gone is a novel that will do that.

The homeless mention: Alice hops a subway train, wondering why the train did not start moving when the doors closed. The only sounds were "tinny rhymes leaking form the iPod guy's headphones and the quiet hum of the homeless man's snores." When Alice feels threatened by another passenger, she wonders if either the iPod guy or homeless man would help her if she screamed.

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