Sunday, March 11, 2012

Homeless in Long Beach

Well, I do not know what to title this post. Imagine no possessions, came to mind, sounding better than, Outdoor Storage, or Ralph's Fire Door. Ralph's is a grocery store. This Ralph's fronts on Anaheim Street, rather the strip mall parking lot does. Doubt that Ralph's management gave a homeless person permission to park possession laden shopping carts behind their store in front of a  Fire door.

As soon as I saw this, crossing 10th street from alley behind my apartment complex, I thought of Bonnie and Luke. This is the kind of set up they had, next to a church. At first Luke set them up in a cardboard box tent in  vacant lot next to the church parking lot. Owners, I imagine, rousted homeless that camped there; erected a wire fence. That is when Luke moved Bonnie's multiple shopping carts, over to side of church, stretched out with tent like coverings.

I could not see, without moving closer, if anyone was sleeping on the wall side, next to their carts, as Bonnie and Luke would do. That would be rude; invasion of privacy, likely the same as me photographing it.

The Grace Hotel is across the street. Perhaps someone ran out of money to stay there; grabbed some carts, piled their belongings, including television set, into the carts, wheeling them across the street to park them. Police routinely drive by this street; often parked, just about directly in front of where the carts are. Other times they are nearer the corner, or on other side of Obispo Avenue.

People generally leave homeless people's stuff alone. The cops, however, are likely to quickly oust this homeless person, maybe simply asking them to take their carts and leave.

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