Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter in Long Beach

A Facebook friend posted a picture of a rose with a quote. Said something about memory letting us have roses in December. Odd, too, since she lives in California. We have roses year-round here is sunny So Cal.

I saw a thing asking for photos of winter. To be cute I wanted to take a picture of roses in Long Beach. Settled for snapdragons and poppies. Lousy photo. Plus have had so many issues with Facebook loading since Friday night, I did something I hate to do ~ cleared the cache and viewing history. So that if I did get a good image, would not be able to send my winter in Long Beach photograph anyway.

When I pass by this service station/food mart, I often think back to early in the year 2000. I used to skate there from my apartment on 7th Street. I walked there one night, oh, maybe at 11PM, cutting through alley behind apartment complex, not concerned about gangbangers who lived in the area. I was angry. I tend not to think, just react when angry.

Reason for anger was guest doing whatever it was he was doing trying to pick a fight. Irritated, I knew it was going to be a long night, so headed out to get a pack of cigarettes ~ stress reduction. Sheer stupidity, I told, the job coach at the Village. That man should have been history ~ there is the door, do not let it hit you on the arse on the way out; do not go away mad, just go away. Used to say that if a man looked at me cross-eyed, he was gone from my life.

Such a horrid marriage, never wanted to repeat the experience. Yet I did repeat it, in a way, because, I guess, I thought the police had more important things to do, then help me get rid of the guy. Well, you told him where you lived...

Or, own fault that he keeps showing up to bother you. Me. If I had been thinking clearly, might have remembered that is exactly what the ex-husband did when he was just a guy I did not want to see anymore. How does the song go ~ sleep on your doorstep all night long if that's what it takes...

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