Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I had a little break from John's noise. Only noises from his apartment was when Chris was there. I am assuming Chris, John does not do things that quiet. Day would start hearing Chris cough. Then not coughing. Then coughing again. During the time he was not coughing, there were noises coming from John's kitchen. Soft noises. Only disturbing due to tonight ~ thump, thump, thump. Could he be dancing? Heavy on his feet? Are he and Tweety having some rough (and long) sex?

I bought some kids Valentines. Hippie style, holograms. Had to cut them apart. Heavy, not typical lightweight type. Sent to kids, spouses, grandkids. What to do with the rest of them? Mailman came early. Oops, it was not our mailman today, it was a female letter carrier. I was fresh from shower, hair still wet, but heard Doug outside, so grabbed some cards; put heart shaped foil wrapped chocolates in pocket and went to check the mail.

Doug, already gone; spot Mike going out gate, so I walk up to him, spread the cards, image side down and tell him: Pick a card, pick any card. Then I handed him a chocolate. Doug came to the gate to tell me he gave up on quitting smoking and Mike scurried away. Both guys enjoyed the little game and Valentine.

I decided not to take the chocolates to library with me, just the cards. I goofed ~ saw three people I should have done the card routine with ~ forgetting that was my plan. The library clerk smiled. I asked which one he got ~ You are far out ~ I asked if it fit, he laughed, yes, he can be far out there at times.

The next was Lady Liberty ~ I guess it is Liberty Taxes ~ pay people to dress as the statue, hold an advertising sign; some of the people who are hired to do it, do a great job, animated, dancing, attracting attention. Others are bored, barely holding sign up for car occupants to see it. I did not realize this Lady Liberty had earphones on. She removed them. Acted suspicious, timidly took a card, then stared at it, then asked "What's this?"

Um, "It's a Valentine, Happy Valentine's Day", I told her. She still gave me weird look; I walked away. She shouted sometime, I turned around to look, not sure she was speaking to me. Realized, she must have belatedly thought to return the greeting.

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