Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I clipped a Letter to the Editor of Gazette papers, quite some time ago.

Walking I came upon something new that I did not like. The clipping told me what it was: a roundabout. The letter writer, thought the new inconveniences were "a pleasant surprise" and "a European touch to our neighborhood."

As with the country and state of California, Long Beach city is having budget woes. So they decide to spend money to put a square in the middle of a cross streets. Makes sense to me ~ I guess the new "squares" are actually round. The streets are small; drivers have to go around the thing placed smack dab in the middle of the intersection. Why?

As a walker, I did not like, that I now have to turn the corner, walk a bit to cross the street at designated cross walk. The problem is drivers ~ they zoom around side streets as if they were on a highway. With a straight cross walk, it is easy to see approaching vehicles and jump out of their way if need be. Like when the driver does not bother to stop when turning onto the cross street.

No way to see cars traveling north (I was walking south) as I cross the street. Since the drivers speed, and do not use caution when making turns, the pleasant surprises have created dangerous intersections. Way to go City Council.

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