Sunday, February 05, 2012


When reading books, I scribble notes on whatever scrape of paper is handy ~ a store receipt, library slip, bit of paper I was using as a bookmark. I end up with a pile of little slips of paper with notes scribbled on them ~ not a pile exactly, the slips wind up in various places and only become a pile when I organize papers.

Long ago read: One Minute Manager. When it comes to papers or mail the gist of it is: do it now; handle each slip of paper or envelope one time. Something like that. Back then, I mostly wrote the checks out as soon as bills arrived, discarded junk that arrived with the bill, filed the portion of bill that was mine. I say mostly, because some years, did not have the job that paid enough to be that efficient.

Moving is a great motivator. Where to start? Well, I did not have all those slips of paper when I was living on the streets, so that is where I started, even though I did pay my rent and did not give notice of my intent to quit premises. Feels good to clear up useless papers that pile up. Like why did I think I wanted to keep an article torn out of Orange County Weekly free paper about Weird Al Yankovic? If I had not discarded it unread, I might figure out the answer to that.

Since the slips of paper can be six months or two years old, my memory connecting what I wrote to what book I was reading when I scribbled the notes is gone. Such as with my post Among the Missing. Why bother recording the stuff here? I dunno, just me being me, unable to let go of stuff, I suppose.

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