Friday, February 10, 2012

Brianna Karp

Wondering what Brianna Karp, author of Girl's Guide to Homelessness looks like, so did a Google search. I found an article: I'm one of America's new homeless. Ironically, the article is exactly where I am in the book ~ Brianna getting an internship with E. Jean Carroll. The image posted with article includes her man friend who came from Scotland to meet her after an online  romance began.

I did go back to page 43 and wondered why I had gotten bored. I am thinking it had to do with listening to neighbor Chris' coughing, neighbor John's noise while reading at night versus sitting on a bench, sun shinning, clear sky, glancing up from book pages to view the ocean waves or to smile at panting dogs. Dogs panting due to owners taking them for a little jog; perhaps a bit too warm for the exercise.

I was also interested in seeing a photo of Brianna's dog and found one posted with this article.

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