Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Gee, that was a loud one; John's thumping has moved to the kitchen. I am so tempted to pick up the heavy chair and drop it on the floor, to produce an equally loud thump noise ~ maybe he will get the message that he is annoying me with whatever he is doing. But, nah, that has not worked in the past.

It was a pleasant week ~ no loud barbell hitting the floor sounds that are a typical part of every day ~ late night ~ along with the mysterious thumping and other slam, banging noises John makes. I could go into my bathroom or kitchen and not hear a sound coming from John's apartment ~ sound as in TV, radio or stereo. I know Chris was in John's apartment at various times, including 6am-ish, else John had a very quiet person staying with him this time.

Think it was Sunday, the loud conversations started ~ Chris talking louder than John, 8pm, 10pm, middle of the day. Today Tweety is back. She has a pleasant sounding voice. However, January disturbances fresh in my mind, put a damper on my love-ly day. Sour heart, not merry.

I had thought to give John one of the Valentines "to the two love birds", if I saw him. Considered slipping one under his door. Nah. I miss living on Broadway. Albert irritated daily, still, I did not hate him so much, I avoided going outside when he was at home. I would have given all my neighbors there a Valentine's card.

I was happy after checking mail; Chris' door shut, left mine open, with fan sucking out stale air, then reversed position to suck in some fresh air. Wonderful feeling, air. Home from library, I even opened back door a few times; quietly, very quietly, ready to make a quick dash back inside should I hear John open his door.

Even though John got strangely quiet, I left a copy of the House Rules and Regulations, and two other papers on his front screen, both from city of Long Beach website. One listed what noise disturbances are (call police for loud stereos, yelling and so on, file complaint for loud birds...). The other was instructions on how to file a noise complaint.

It stated a neighbor makes a citizen's arrest, then police write a misdemeanor charge for violation of noise. Well, duh, why did not the cop write a ticket when I called about Chris? I am surely not going to knock on John's door and inform him I am arresting him, next time he keeps me awake with club level music. I made several copies of the paper ~ intention to take to police and tell them, I served John notice of a citizens arrest, so when I call cops, I want him fined.

Ya see, even though, he suddenly got quiet, I do not trust that it would last. Tonight's thumping is proof of that.

I am hearing this noise; sounds like someone at my screen door. I got up, peeked out blinds; no one there. Second time, I see Chris, looking directly at me ~ did he see me peeking? Or had he just done something by my screen, then back to his apartment? He turned back to his apartment, locked his screen door, and I am sure, headed to John's apartment.

I went to kitchen, stressed now, thump, thump, thumping ~ anticipation of more ~ to get a heart shaped chocolate, could hear Chris talking and quieter, John. 11:24pm ~ Chris back in his apartment. Do I dare think John is done with his thumping and I can go to sleep? I had planned to read much earlier, then the thumping started. I had also planned to write a nice Valentine's day post.

Oh, well...

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