Monday, January 30, 2012

Tornado dream

A great thing about having Internet access is the ease of looking for dream analysis or interpretations. Truly, if we want to know what our dreams mean, best to do our own analysis. I did not spend time analyzing my dream about tornadoes. Seeing "tornado" in headline news, would put images of tornadoes in my mind, so did not think it odd that tornadoes would show up in my dream. Curious as to what those who assign symbolism to dream things, I read several interpretations.

Basically a tornado is about quick, sometimes destructive change. The sites say tornadoes are air and represent thoughts. They suggest to ask what happened the day before the tornado dream occurred. Um, I think it was Friday night ~ more exactly, past midnight, Saturday morning. The all powerful (like a tornado) John wrecking havoc with my sleep, thus my life. Again.

Okay, so this was the dream:

I was downtown Long Beach, walking north. Bright, sunshiny day, hot. I was wearing black slacks and jacket, uncomfortable shoes. 7th Street looked so far away, I thought to turn back, and just catch a bus. I was hot and tired. I think I was going to look at an apartment, which would be a couple of blocks east of whatever street I was walking on. Perhaps Pine Avenue or Long Beach Blvd. As I walk, I decide I will just go home, stop at Ralph's and somewhere. Maybe 7/11 to get whatever it was I needed to get downtown.

Passed other people on the sidewalk, as in normal life. Mexican/American young mother, putting child in stroller, that kind of thing. Maybe my destination was 10th or 11th Street, not 7th ~ just remember thinking about those blocks, looking at street signs. I was at a corner, off in the distance to my right the sky was dark and I saw the funnel cloud. I think I told people:  A tornado is coming.

I quickly turned around, opened a building door and stepped inside. The tornado did move right past the door, head the wind sounds. I opened the door to leave building just as a lady was opening it to enter. She did not seem to be aware of my presence.

I saw at least one more of those tall funnel clouds approaching, passing me by, but do not recall that part of the dream. The sun was still shining,when I stepped between a bush to walk next to a house's garage door. I was not terrified or afraid in the dream, just concerned about safety. The last tornado that passed was waist high, that is, likely 3-1/2 feet tall. It also likely 3 or 4 feet wide at the top. It moved around a building, seemed to be going downhill. I remember bright, green grass.

"Series of tornadoes pass through Long Beach" ~ headlines seemed to be in the sky, not actually in Press-Telegram ~ maybe I was reading them in my mind, before they had yet to be printed by the local paper.

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