Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saw Tony

John's noise and lack of night time sleep, had me procrastinating which is how I ended up going to laundromat on Saturday. Weekend mornings are usually busy and as I feared, there were no available washing machines. Unless I wanted to use one of the over sized machines; cost $2.25 versus $1.25 for standard size which is all I needed. I opted to wait.

A man was sitting on the folding shelves listening to his (what are they called?) Ipod. He had a couple of small bags; the square kind one uses for gift giving. Someone had a large net bag hanging over a dryer door. Maybe it is his, I think, and the whole row of washers are his clothes. I have never seen anyone "reserve" a dryer by hanging a laundry bag over the door and closing it.

Nope. As washers stopped, a lady and her daughter started emptying them. Man started filling all three compartments with soap (or bleach). Impatient, after the slow moving daughter, carried hand fulls of clothes to dryer with bag hanging over it, finally finished emptying second washer, I said: "Sir, are you going to be using this one too?" Yup.

Girl could not get third washer door open. Mother came over to start emptying washer four. Man helped girl get the stuck door open. I was so tempted to start grabbing their wet laundry out of one of their washers, helping transfer the clothes to a dryer. Instead, I waited, finally asking Man if he was going to be using "this one too?". Nope. Hooray!

Neighbor Mike arrived to do some sweeping ~ he gets paid a little bit to help out. He explained, with actions, to push washer door in with a hard shove, if it is stuck which will un-stick it. I was outside talking to Mike for a while. When I came inside, Man asked: "Didn't you used to be on the streets?"

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