Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Out of Control

Do not who said "Out of control by you, means in control by them", but I am determined not to react tonight.

Spook house music is what it sounds like as loud as if I am entering a house of horror. I opened back door, could clearly hear it outside, but noticing John's kitchen lights on, did not venture past my door. Then I went out front, walked as far as his bathroom window, club level volume, plus several people talking.

Going back a few months ~ prior to John's birthday, Tweety arriving, and his pumping up his volume, I spoke to him outside my back door. I had my kitchen window open and he spotted me before I could close it. I asked him if he liked oatmeal because the huge box of oatmeal I got from food bank had a funny taste to it ~ knew I would not eat it. I did not tell him why I wanted to give it away. I also gave him some bags of beans ~ had way too many to use ~ that was prior to my burner breaking.

He told me he keeps his music nice and low because David has told him about it enough times. At that moment in time, it was basically true, and was pleasant from his direction. He also told me when he introduced me to Tweety that she is nice and quiet. Ha, ha, on that one.

So he knows perfectly well that he is playing the TV/radio/stereo too loud. So I think he is doing it on purpose to annoy me. David said he works nights now, so that John would also know I can not call to complain, have David come downstairs to tell him to lower it.

I am distraught. I want to call the police, but will have to go outside to open gate. Since John skewered his blinds, both back and front, the week he moved into the building, he will see me letting officer inside. Since I assume he is purposely keeping the volume up, hearing his yelling several times in past few weeks, I am afraid to do this. I consider just knocking on his door, but see what I just said.

I do not want to get into an argument with him. I also do not know what I can do about the awful sound that is likely to continue way past midnight again. Earplugs are not going to block it out. Wish I had whiskey. This is insane. I listened to his kitchen radio for 3 weeks solid ~ 24/7 prior to complaining to David when I paid rent.

I had exactly two nights when I did not have to use earplugs this year. Two days of quiet from John's apartment, regarding volume. The slamming, pounding, thumping never stops. Maybe I can try sleeping on floor with headphones and WMP Sleep playlist to go to sleep tonight.

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