Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The nerve!

Phil knocked on my door. Told me in his long, drawn out manner of speaking that he and Doug have my back. That is, Phil complained to manager, David about John's LOUD music. Phil said Doug did likewise, but Phil stretches the truth and I doubt it. Then he went onto his religious spiel, reminding me of the first conversation I had with him.

I was en-route to a Village picnic, he waylaid me by the front gate. I was a tad bit rude ~ "you teach people the way they can (mis)treat you" and I was determined to let new neighbors know I was not a child to be lectured. Three years later...

Obvious that neither John, nor Chris are moving out "at the end of the month". Wish Mike and then Phil had not gotten my hopes up so high telling me my suffering was soon to be over. Back to square one: gotta move out.

February 1, 2012: saw Mike at the laundromat. He said that John called the police on David. WTF? Seems David went down to tell John to lower his music and John told police David was harassing him. The nerve!

Doing a slow burn thinking about the month of January and the number of opportunities I had to call the police to ask them to tell John to lower his music/television, especially the 2AM party times. I know John has been purposely tormenting me, but pumping up the volume as the clock ticks past 10PM. Earlier it is just the mosquito buzzing 'round head kind of noise that drives me bonkers.

I can deal with it, even though I am angry, earplugs, pump up my volume ~ but club level volume, not a darn thing I can do about it. Not like I can turn it down or even ask him to do so. Calling police on manager when he has been violating the House Rules & Regulations shows his personality and why I am actually afraid to confront him at 11PM or midnight.

Mike is fairly reliable with complex information (or even national news) so I have no reason to doubt that John did indeed call the cops on the manager for doing his job. Too bad David did not start eviction procedures on John the 3rd time I complained ~ like a year ago. Ditto Chris.

Maybe it is knowing I gotta move out, that is making it hard for me to finish reading a novel.

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