Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Kitchens in these apartments are very small. I can not imagine what John can be doing in his. The noise has been going on for an hour; some sounding like hammering. Maybe he has a sideline building business. I was just getting ready for a nap when he started up. Does he ever sleep? How much furniture could he possibly have to be moving around in there ~ noisily moving around.

There goes the bar bell dropped on the floor extremely loud sound that usually startles me, makes me "jump out of my seat, heart stops" recurring noise. Maybe he is taking everything out of drawers, cabinets, then taking out the drawers, to clean them. Worse, is mouth Chris is out behind my apartment; perhaps taking John's trash to dumpster.

Some time after he started all the noise, he began yelling. Not sure who he was yelling at. Maybe Tweety is visiting again. Should pick on someone his own size. Tired of his fat ass. He needs to wash his ass. I'm not afraid of him, gonna bust him up (or something like that). Your pussy stinks. You need to go wash your pussy. Other man's (inaudible). Don't play with me. I'm not a toy.

On and on he went. A lot about washing asses.

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