Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Woke at least once in the night to empty my bladder. Woke too groggy to stay up. Bad mood due to night prior.

Could not fall back to sleep, despite being groggy. Planned to go downtown today. Main branch of library has a couple of books checked in that I want to read. At least John is at work, so blessed silence. For a little bit. Then his TV starts playing. Not loud, just loud enough for me to hear it. Then some kitchen noises. Then the volume is turned up. I am ready to go knock on his door and hand him a copy of House Rules and Regulations and City of Long Beach Community Noise Ordinance ~ tell him to lower it or I call cops.

Or to call cops. Quite positive it is not John, but Chris. I would enjoy that, cops knocking on John's door for Chris to deal with. Noise abated. I turn on WMP Sleep Playlist, don earplugs, pillow over head ~ WTF ~ THUMP, THUMP....

Now I am spitting mad.

John home from work ~ or did he not go to work ~ 11PM, yak, yak, yak in kitchen. Other assorted noises. Did get a short, very short nap somewhere during the day. Was ready for a second nap when John started the non-stop kitchen noises. Now 5:56PM and hello radio or TV ~ even though my radio is playing. Time to call police? Manager is useless.

Oh and thank you, Chris back at home COUGH. Another of yesterday's irritations ~ all day long.

If they are indeed moving, it could not come soon enough for me.

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