Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An end in sight?

When I talked to Mike at laundromat the other day, he told me that both John and Chris are moving out. I am not doing a happy dance yet. I pretty much surmised that they were leaving due to conversations ~ or should say John talking in courtyard. I am also guessing that they both got told by Mr. Manager they had to go after my rambling note included with rent payment.

Mike said Chris is going to live with his guy in Orange county; already moved some clothes out; "That fat guy Chris has stay over." Not sure if I recorded it here ~ the week of John's birthday, the man's voice, loud, early am ~ I open my door to ask them to quiet down ~ just in time to see shirtless man in short spandex entering Chris' apartment. Chris hung a short tapestry over his door frame, so it has to be moved when entering or leaving.

Since that time, I learned, via John, the stranger is Tweety's brother, who was staying with Chris. Speaking of Tony, I think his name may be Tony; have been hearing people outside saying "hello Tony". Likely the same guy, yelling for Chris at gate, and general yelling or over loud talking in courtyard.

Mike said "..and John is going to live with that lady."

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