Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday treat

Brother-in-law sent me $20.00 for my birthday. I did not need the gift. First time in my life that I had enough money for myself with some left over to share with those less fortunate than myself. I kept a thousand dollars in checking account ~ above the amount I needed to pay rent and bills ~ by living as frugally as I always had. Opting not to own a car helped. I was happy to have a job in Long Beach ~  a long time desire ~ to live and work in the same town. Okay, it was Signal Hill, but Signal Hill is surrounded on all sides by Long Beach, so...

I was in a good mood. Was that before or after I treated myself to a concert? As I recall, same weekend. Told self as I left my apartment en-route to Two Umbrellas: I am treating the first homeless person I see to breakfast. I saw Tony, and invited him to join me. We walked there, sat at an outside table.

I was annoyed. Tony sat reading a newspaper through out the meal. That was okay, I stuck myself into a conversation at another table. I forget the guy's name, used to see him a lot around town. He was telling his friends what he was going to wear for Halloween, about his church and being gay. I said I was going to go as I was, put a pillow under my shirt, push down the knee high stockings, got up and illustrated, walking, stooped over, hand on aching back.

It was a fun morning, even though the man whose breakfast I was paying for ignored me.

A few days later, September 11, 2001...

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