Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad Mood

I'm in a bad mood today...

...sung to Sam Cooke's Sad Mood. Maybe I woke when radio turned on. Someday I will figure out how to turn off the alarm. Radio was in kitchen, a little too loud.

John's noise started around 8:30PM last night. I am not sure if he was having conversation with Chris or if it was his TV or a combination of both. All I know was it did not take long for it get on my nerves. Got up, moved radio to kitchen, turned it up loud, put it in cabinet next to our adjoining wall, so I could drown out his noise in my Great Room. Had to get up several times to adjust the volume, so it was loud enough that I could no longer hear it. Then I was irritated because my music was too loud.

John's conversation with Chris stopped, but the TV or stereo got louder. At one point I had my radio turned up to 100% volume and could still hear it. By 10PM I was dropping the heavy chair on kitchen floor, stomping around my apartment ~ his kitchen noises, including the bar bell dropping on floor sound, were mixed in with the other annoying sound.

At midnight I gave up, lowered kitchen radio, turned on WMP Sleep Playlist, adjusted volume to cover up my radio and John's noise, earplugs, pillow over head, some deep breathing to relax myself to sleep. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP...THUMP THUMP. WTF! Not a thing I could do to shut out that stereo/radio sound.

Out come earplugs, make coffee with hot cocoa mix ~ hoping it would induce sleep ~ opened back door, stepped out, walked along wall to stand next to John's kitchen window ~ hear his stereo there, coming from his Great Room. Hopping mad. Stark raving mad. I then went out front, to see how far away from his windows I could hear it.

Then suddenly silence. I stayed up for a while, not trusting it. Plus too agitated to even attempt to fall to sleep.

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