Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shooting Stars & Cranberries

"Tis the season for cranberry sauce to accompany Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. I imagine turkey was for Christmas day too, although I could be mistaken. Maybe we had ham, but I associate ham with Easter day big meal which we always ate at noon. Thinking back to growing up years, marvel on how our bodies adjusted. Normal weeks, we ate the big meal, supper, at 5pm sharp. Sundays and holy days the main meal was at noon, eating leftovers at will for suppertime meals.

Growing up Catholic, also did not eat breakfast on Sunday mornings. Had to fast after midnight back then, if one was taking Holy Communion at mass the next day. Later it was changed to three hours prior, then less than that. I can not say I woke up hungry in those days, but did prefer to go to the 8AM mass. Dad sometimes picked us up after mass, delicious mouth drooling aroma wafting from bakery crumb cake and butter squares. Home, that was Sunday breakfast, more often than not.

Has nothing at all to do with title of this post, my mind or is it the typing fingers, takes my blog posts in all kinds of directions. I could tie this one in with homelessness and meals, but will not; it is a mental health post. Um, maybe, to keep it short, will do the "continued" method...

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