Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homeless versus Occupy Long Beach

Looks like Yahoo did not remove my self-published articles when they moved them to the new Yahoo Voices.

It is 6:38PM and I am ready to go to sleep. Too late in day for a nap, way too early for bed. Same thing happened yesterday, only a bit earlier. Forced self to stay awake, rather than succumb to the call of a nap ~ which was likely impossible to do anyway, thank you John, Tweety, Chris and company. Stayed up until past midnight, feeling wide awake, took me a bit to fall to sleep. Woke once in the night for trip to bathroom, woke just about 6AM. No wonder I am sleepy ~ two nights in a row, going to bed too late, waking too early. C'est la vie.

Due to that sleepiness, will just share URLS to Homeless versus Occupy Long Beach and follow up article The Whole World Is Watching. Page views appreciated. Thank you.

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