Friday, December 16, 2011

Gotta Move Out

I guess the lyric is I gotta move on, not out. In the right town, but I talk about it, talk about it, I gotta move, I gotta move, I have got to get out of this apartment complex.

John knocks on my door one afternoon, thank goodness it was the front door. He wanted to know if I saw David, the manager. His sister was at her father's funeral in Florida; she just got back and paid his rent. He wanted to know if he was going to get a late charge; wanted to explain it to David. Um, why not call the man, or leave a note on his door.

Tweety rattles my screen door. If I had known it was her, I would not have gotten up to open the door. Informative chat.

Heavy rattling of screen door, and voices, hear my name. I open door, Phil is standing in front of mail carrier who has a package for me. How rude, I can not even open my screen door wide enough for the guy to hand me my box. Phil than reminds me that Saturday is Food Bank. I doubt he heard me tell him, I did not forget, the 17th is my mother's birthday, so the date stuck in my mind. Then he informs me that Darryl will be escorting me there. WTF!

I am positive that Phil did not tell David the truth about Chris' assault. If he did, I am irritated that Chris is still here, disturbing my peace daily, preventing me from going to sleep when I am tired. Phil is going to be seeing the temper side of me real soon. Did I say I needed or wanted an escort? Darryl is a bossy thing; I yes him to death, because I do not want to set off one of his fits. I have zero interest of walking to the Food Bank with him.

Of course, after putting package inside, I went over to check the mail, and Darryl was standing there with Phil waiting for carrier to finish filling the boxes. Phil tells Darryl to rattle my screen at 7AM. WTF! I told them, do not be rattling my screen at 7AM, I am not going there until 8:30. Then Phil and Darryl decide Darryl will walk me there around 8AM. WTF! Do I even exist. I am a big girl now ~ okay, I am still a tiny person ~ but all grown up. Have been for many years. Do not need these young whippersnappers making plans for me.

I have a good mind to skip the Food Bank on purpose. I will likely leave early, not heading there, just to be out of my apartment and let Darryl shake away on my screen. I am leaving my apartment at 8:15, I do not need, and definitely do not want Darryl to walk with me. I have managed to co-exist with him, without him going off, yelling at me that I am going to hell and all that other garbage he screams when riled. That may end on Saturday. I am not going to be a good, little, obedient girl taking orders from effing men.

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