Sunday, November 27, 2011


A couple of nights of quiet ~ no Chris' coughing ~ hallelujah ~ happy thanks giving! No he was not evicted, just away from the weekend. Too bad  Sunday morning started with me listening to his coughing again. Yet I am grateful to have had a few nights respite.

Some men I do not know made up for Chris' loud talking. Not nearly as annoying as Chris, mainly just yelling to each other, like "Open the gate!" or a few sentences. I opened door a crack, just enough to catty-corner the fan between open door and wall, so I could air out my apartment; draw out stale air, draw in some fresh. As fresh as air can be in Long Beach.

My head was down (doing what else, looking at laptop) when someone walked by saying "Hi, Mary." I did not catch the person as I had seeing the other strange men as they walked by. Only a few seconds later, another, "Hi Mary". Without looking up, I said, "Hi John." Recognized his voice. After I finished typing the sentence, I looked up. Yes, John stopped at the door, said he did not get to wish me a happy Thanksgiving. I decided to get up and go to the door, rather than try to talk over the fan noise.

John told me what his lady friend cooked for him. Plus what she gave him ~ Christmas tree and engagement ring. I am a fake and I know it. Inside I am jumping for joy: hope he gets married soon, hope he gets married soon and moves out of this building. Outside I ask, with a smile, "Oh so you are getting married?" and teased him about his cooking versus his lady's . He tells me he has been wanting to bring her over to introduce me.

So I indicate, to go get her and bring her over right now. Would be too easy to tell him I was busy, eh. I have heard the woman so much, I did want to see what she looks like.I step outside when John brings her over ~ do not know if they can see my face through the heavy, dark mesh screen door. I do my typical, hold out my hand to shake hers, saying "I'm Mary and you are?". Either she or John tells me he calls her Tweety. She was wearing a t-shirt with Tweety bird on it.

Okay, whatever.

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