Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sleepless in Long Beach

Wanted to title post: bad day at the office, which is about as clever as the title I settled upon.

Three times neighbor Chris' loud talking prevented me from going to sleep when I was tired. Three times I did not call the police about his violating, both complex House Rules and city noise ordinance. Have been waiting for the opportunity ever since I spoke to a police at park one day. Reason I did not call: Chris' loud talking was not coming from his apartment or the courtyard; was coming from John's apartment.

Last night I wondered if they were having an argument, John's normal voice is loud ~ not as loud as Chris' ~ seemed Chris was agitated. It also seemed that John was in courtyard in front of Chris' apartment talking loud at the same time Chris' voice was coming through my kitchen wall, loud and clear. Thought for a moment Chris' had his speaker phone on, which made little sense. Whatever.

They started about 11PM; last I looked at clock it was 11:40. I was agitated. I think Chris returned to his apartment, but how much noise and for how long would John be making it? Would he lower his radio (or TV)? Finally decide to turn on WMP Sleep playlist, earplugs, pillow over head.

Perhaps the title of this post could be: tossing and turning. How did the song go: Kicked the blanket on the floor. Well, I did not actually kick them, they got tangled up as I changed position, head in opposite direction then it had been. Then off to the toilet. Think I had to fix the two blankets three times and still, tossing and turning. I know I fell to sleep because I was dreaming. Heart racing when I again went to the bathroom to empty bladder.

Was not exactly a nightmare, bad guy about to break in through window; me calling cops, telling them to please hurry: 25 Charles Street, I say it louder, shooing my daughters, much younger than they are today, down the stairs. May have been 2AM. Trouble drifting back to sleep though practically sleep walked to toilet.

Up again, was sometime after 3, then again a little after 4AM. After hitting the john another time, lay back down, I still get that body signal that means it is time to empty the bladder. Up again, not even a trickle. Think: there must be something wrong with the plumbing ~ my insides. Lay back down, still have that must get to a toilet feeling and shortly gave up going back to sleep.

Too tired to do anything, hung out at Facebook playing games, finally going back to bed at 8AM.

A lot of words there. Alternative title would be a lot of words also: How Chris' Violation of (blah, blah, blah) Is Affecting My Physical and Mental Health. Aargh!

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