Saturday, November 05, 2011

Sh*t My Dad Says, continued

Sh*t My Dad Says is billed as being hilariously funny and brilliant. I guess there is a lot of humor there. Yet rather than finding the things Halpern's father said, funny, I see a verbally abusive father. His language is uncouth, to borrow a word my mother would use to describe my father.

Yet my father never used the F-word, never called people assholes (I admit, I have, but never my children), and frowned upon vulgar language in front of children. He did use the word stupid referring to us kids. Yet compared to Halpern's father, mine was a saint. I can not imagine growing up in a home where the things Justin's father said were normal, everyday utterances.

Perhaps that is the reason I am having trouble reading the book; some interesting family tales in it, but the repetition of hearing his father say shit or fucking asshole, is simply boring.

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