Sunday, November 20, 2011

Massage and pedicure would be heavenly!

"The Greater Open Door Church will host its seventh annual Beauty Day prior to serving a meal.
Hair stylists, barbers, makeup artists, massage therapists and manicurists will pamper the homeless, and there will be live entertainment."

I am green! Why did they not do this when I lived on the streets!  I wonder if I show up with backpack, ragged clothes I can get some of that pampering. I have not had a professional haircut since, um, I dunno, 2005? I have a horrible time cutting toenails, procrastinate rather than do them. Nail clippers and other nail care tools are long gone. The cheap pair of clippers is part of the problem. I have had two pedicures, long ago. Heavenly to have feet and calves massaged. 

Nah, I am glad people are volunteering to provide these services for currently homeless population. It takes a very special person to volunteer to do this; for some homeless hygiene is non-existent. Others do the best they can to stay clean, nails and hair trimmed, but it is not easy. The massage is also a great idea; all kinds of kinks, sore muscles, cricks in neck; a bit of relief, heavenly. 

I found another very short list for Thanksgiving meals. Did not copy link. The P-T list shared verbatim what Everything Long Beach posted regarding the "Drive-Thru" meal. If it was today, rather than Sunday the 27th they may have gotten rained out. Said "served in market parking lot". Unable to find any information about that event, I searched the address. Located a few blocks north/west of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, the Google map street view showed a building with sign: Food Market, small parking lot it seems.

Ramon and Martha Serrano own the market and have been doing this for seven years. Other places are the usual: Mission, COA, Samoan church which appears to have a name change or else I never knew that church's actual name. Councilman Dee Andrew's meal at MLK park is tomorrow, I believe. 

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