Sunday, November 13, 2011

How does it go?

It is not the size of the mountain ahead that wears you out, it is the pebble in your shoe?

I had fan on and radio most of the day to drown out Chris' dat burn radio noise. Did I mention the talking just shy of 7AM? See, can not think straight; confused. Was not sure who Chris' early morning visitors were, so got up to look ~ do not think he sneaks Bill into his apartment anymore. Bill may be dead. Heard Chris tell someone one day "he died" and since there are no longer the constant phone calls between Chris and Bill, I am thinking that someone may be Bill.

Doug opens the door, pushes aside the wall tapestry Chris now has hanging in front of his door, steps inside followed by a shirtless, fat man ~ okay he was not obese, so no nicer way to say it comes to mind at the moment ~ big man, bends over to enter, balding. I think it may be Bill. I am up and down off the couch to keep peeking out of the blinds hoping to see his face. Which I did.

Not Bill. He and Doug head towards front gate. The man is wearing skin tight shorts, maybe spandex biker shorts? Gross looking, both he and Doug look like they just got out of bed. Their talking with Chris continued inside. So that was how the morning of the 11th started ~ 4AM, inferno radio noise, John & lady noise, Doug & Chris & company noise.

By 9am I had it even though there had been a lull for a while.

After shutting off the fan and later my radio, I just tolerated Chris' party. Sounded like they were having a belching contest going. I heard a woman talking, I thought she told Chris to shut his door, then a woman calling someone an asshole. I think it was two different ladies. Then John's lady yelling inside his apartment. Not yelling in a bad way, yelling in the manner of speaking to someone who is in the other room.

I opened the back door; was to have rained, but got a glimpse of the moon; opened it and hear Chris' big mouth. WTF? Then John & his lady. I guess the three went out (for dinner) and Chris left his radio blaring when they went out. I thought for a few seconds that he lowered it. No such luck.

Odd, it was a bit past 8:30PM and eerily quiet.  It was almost as if Chris read my mind; a few minutes later the radio starts up again. None of it makes sense. I heard two people talking, very quietly in John's apartment, so when did the 3 of them go out? Whatever. Have to sign off on another waste of blogosphere space.
11/11/11 9:52PM

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