Friday, November 11, 2011


Oh, of course I forgot it was 11/11/11 today, so no notice of clock reaching 11:11AM this morning. Of course I was ready to spit nails by that time. Up since 4AM, Chris' radio filtering into my apartment ~ not club level loud or even real loud (unless I open my front door) ~ just ratatat tat, rat a tat tat or eeeerrrnurn or buzzzzzzzz ~ keeps me awake nights and makes me lose concentration days. Like yesterday when I could not finish an article I wrote, nor read a book that I should have finished days ago.

John has a lady friend staying with him. Again. Loud mouth she is and as noisy as John. Then there is his TV and/or stereo/radio ~ thump, thump, thump, urrrrrnnnnn, buzzzzzzz.

Get knots in my stomach when I think to call manager and complain. Again. Well, I had enough and Mr. Manager promised me that he would call owners and they would send him an official letter...

Where did I hear that one before? Oh back in September when I waited every day, to see when Chris would finally realize he needs to quiet down or shut his door. That promised letter was never sent, I guess. Liars. Well Mr. Manager suddenly paid attention: "Who did he do that to?" and "When?" and "Why did nobody tell me?".

Okay, so now Mr. Manager is going to talk to "them". So what if Phil denies the truth? I do not expect Doug or John to be honest with Mr. Manager. Why should they be? They are Chris' friends. If Phil does not tell the truth and Mr. Manager thinks I am lying, why then I am no longer going to help Phil's church with the Food Bank. Mr. Christian that he is, I hope he tells the truth, or I will truly be spitting nails.

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