Friday, October 14, 2011

Woke from a dream...

...last night or early this morning; maybe it was 12:43AM.

I was quite tired, as in sleepy, last evening. Thought I was going to have a quiet night because I spoke to John the other day. He told me he was going to be working Friday and Saturday. The day I spoke to him I wondered WTF he was doing, maybe having a physical altercation with someone, judging from sounds coming from his apartment. I had my kitchen window open; got up to go close it, too late, John spotted me. At least now he says "Hi, Mary", not "hi friend" like he used to do.

Since the huge bags of oatmeal I got from food banks, have an odd taste, I know I will never use it all, despite loving oatmeal. I had given John a bag and promptly got another one. I did not see him that day, but left the oatmeal, a bag of dry pinto beans and bag of raisins in the brown bag with handles stuff from food bank was packed inside.

Which is why I decided to open the door when John saw me, to give him the goodies. I love raisins also, but have three bags of them. A lot more than I can eat anytime soon. I wondered if they were raisins; again a funny taste, more like cranberries; very sugary, not at all like raisins I buy in the store.

So, what John was doing that day was cleaning out his apartment, specifically his kitchen. He said someone from Ralph's gave him a push cart. Looked sort of like a display case on wheels. He had the cart loaded with a chair and other unrecognizable stuff. But that has nothing to do with the dream, how I wander offtopic!

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